I would like to have work done on my home. Do I need a permit?

Why do I need a permit?

I’m thinking about building an addition onto my house or maybe a detached accessory garage. How close can I go to my property lines?

Can I put up signs advertising my yardsale?

Can I pull my own permits as a Homeowner or do I need a licensed Contractor?

What is a Certified Plot Plan and why do I need to submit this with my permit application? Where do I get one?

Can I use a Mortgage Inspection Plan I received from the closing?

What happens if I don't pull a Building permit?

What are my property set backs?

Do I need a permit for a shed?

I have a boat that I need to store for the winter. Can I store it on my property? 

Can I store my unregistered vehicle on my property? 

I have a recreational trailer that I need to store for the winter.  Can I store it on my property? 

The company I work for let’s me take the company vehicle home with me.  Am I allowed to park this commercial vehicle in the driveway of my single-family home?