Demolition of Existing Structure

  1. Determine whether structure is subject to Demolition Delay Bylaw:
    • If the structure is a property listed on the State Register of Historic Places or the Inventory of Historic Assets of the Commonwealth;
    • Or is located in the Historic Districts of Westford Center, Graniteville, Forge Village, Parker Village, or Brookside. 
    • Or was in existence in or before an 80 year time frame from the current date of application to demolish
    • Or appears on the 1855 Symmes Map of Westford, arrange to complete demolition review process with the Westford Historical Commission (This may result in a 6-month delay in issuance of a demolition permit)
  2. Obtain releases from gas, electric, water, sewer and telephone utility providers confirming said utility services have been properly discontinued
  3. Obtain DIGSAFE Number for Permit Application
  4. Determine what contractor and Debris Disposal Company will be used
  5. Complete Demolition Permit Form and include Contractor Insurance Certificate forms
  6. If the structure to be demolished is a commercial property, an asbestos survey by a licensed asbestos removal contractor is required (For residential properties, the Board of health requires Mercury (Hg) containing devices (such as thermostats) to be recycled, septic systems to be properly abandoned and asbestos removed if present)
    The Board of Health staff must conduct a pre-demolition inspection
  7. Work on project may begin following signing of Application Form by all involved review Boards and the Building Commissioner and proper posting of site, and contacting of DIGSAFE at least 24 hours before start of any demolition