Town Meeting


The Select Board has 5 criteria for including an article on the Fall Special Town Meeting Warrant by Boards, Committees, or staff:
  1. Balance the budget
  2. Adjust budget for unanticipated emergencies (not for things overlooked or forgotten)
  3. Street acceptances
  4. ATM holdovers
  5. Timeliness
In Westford, as in many New England towns, voters participate directly in the major decisions that affect how the Town runs itself and how it spends its money.


Town meeting is the legislative branch of Westford's government, and all registered voters may attend, speak and vote at our open town meeting. Town meeting has 2 primary responsibilities:
  • Establishing an annual budget by voting to appropriate money for all Town departments
  • Voting on the Town's local statutes, called bylaws
If you are a registered voter in Westford you can, and should, participate in town meeting. Renters as well as property owners, if registered to vote, may attend and vote at Town Meeting. You must attend in person, however; no absentee voting is allowed. If you are not a registered voter you are welcome to attend town meeting as an observer.