Land Stewardship and Trails

The Conservation Commission and the Westford Conservation Trust together have organized the Westford Land and Trails Stewards to take care of the conservation land in town.  The Stewards regularly monitor conservation land areas to be aware of current conditions, and particularly to ascertain whether the land is being respected as it should be.  The Stewards also maintain trails to keep them from getting overgrown.

Townwide, there are about 50 stewards, each taking care of a particular area.  Others are welcome to join at any time, which can be done by contacting Bill Harman of the Stewards Steering Committee at 692-3907

Tuesday Morning Group  

Currently, a group of Stewards goes on organized trail projects regularly on Tuesday mornings.  As an example, in November the group worked on a flooded area at the north end of Greystone Pond.  They made two bypass trails over higher ground so walkers can now walk around the entire pond on dry land.  These fresh-air projects are fun and everyone is welcome. If you would like to join, contact Bill Harman (692-3907,


In some cases, Stewards have found dumping of leaves and/or grass clippings on Conservation Land, although that is prohibited.  Some people may ask why dumping of leaves or clippings is not permitted.  Although these are natural materials, they would change the ecology of the land and spoil the natural conditions, which are the main purpose of Conservation Land.  Dumping of leaves, etc., would also impair the attractive, natural conditions of the land, and degrade the appearance of the neighborhood.  For land under Conservation Restriction, the most direct reason for the restriction on dumping is simply that it is explicitly prohibited in the Conservation Restriction as recorded in the Registry of Deeds.


Maps of trails in Westford can be found at the Westford Conservation Trust website. The overview page provides a direct way of seeing about 20 trail maps of individual areas.  An overall map of the entire town can also be seen by clicking "Trail system map" at the bottom of the page. These maps are from the trail booklet issued by the Conservation Trust.  Copies of the trail booklet are for sale at Roudenbush for $5.00.  A new edition is prepared approximately every year, and usually, some additional trail maps are included.  Everyone is welcome to submit a new map and/or text for a favorite trail which will then be included in the next edition of the booklet.