Flood Plain Information

Due to the refinancing of many homes there has been an increased number of phone calls asking about flood plain information.

FEMA has updated all flood maps and is now accessible from the web. Go to the FEMA Flood Map Service Center website, which is a website to make flood maps of your area. On the left hand side type in your address and a map will show up for your area. You can print that map from the directions given on the site. You may also use the Town of Westford GIS mapping system to help in finding what the approximate elevation is of your property (do that by using the layers tab on the left hand side of the screen, open up the base layers folder and go down to contours - click on it!).

The Town of Westford is available to assist you in your search for flood plain information.

Note: Any changes that are made to the FEMA Flood Maps are through FEMA and you may need the assistance of a licensed Surveyor to address proper elevations for your property.