Filing a Notice of Intent (NOI) Application

  1. Fill out Permit Application
    • Download and complete the NOI form - WPA Form 3 (Word / PDF)
    • Refer to Section E: Fees from the WPA Form 3 Notice of Intent Instructions to determine the project fee.
    • This application is also used for review under the Westford Non-zoning Wetland Bylaw.
  2. Submit application to Westford Conservation Department by hand or First Class mail (Filing Deadline Dates) with the following materials:
    • One copy of the NOI application including:
      • A detailed narrative that describes the area and the proposed project
        • Determine buffer zone and/or resource area boundaries.
        • Describe how the project will meet Performance Standards for each of the resource area(s) altered.  See Part 3 of the MA Wetlands Protection Act Regulations for Performance Standards.
      • USGS quadrangle or other map that sufficiently locates the site
      •  Plan that clearly depicts the site, wetland boundaries, and proposed work
    • Abutter notification info:
      • Certified List of Abutters obtained from the Assessor’s Office
      • Completed Notification to Abutters form
      • Signed Third Party billing form authorizing legal advertising expenses
    • Fees:
  3. Submit application, plan, copies of fee transmittal form and payments to Mass DEP by certified mail. Send to:
              DEP-NE Regional Office, Wetlands Division
              205-B Lowell St.
              Wilmington, MA 01887

  4. Send Fee transmittal form and DEP fee to:
              Commonwealth of Massachusetts
              Department of Environmental Protection
             Box 4062
             Boston, MA 02211

  5. Mail, by certified mail, the Notification to Abutters form to the list of abutters obtained from the Assessor’s Office at the same time the wetland application is filed.
    • Hold onto to the Certified Mail receipts. You are required to bring them to the Public Hearing
  6. Public hearing and decision:
    • Upon receipt of a complete application, the Conservation Department will schedule the Applicant for a public hearing before the Conservation Commission. The Conservation Department will prepare and submit a legal notice to a local newspaper for publication at least 5-business days prior to the hearing (the applicant will be billed by the newspaper directly).
    • The Conservation Department may elect to conduct a site visit prior to the hearing.
    • The applicant or representative must be present at the hearing and they should be prepared to give a short ten-minute presentation to the Commission about the proposed project and the site conditions. Don’t forget to bring your Certified mail receipts to confirm all abutters were given notice of the hearing!
    • Once the Commission renders its decision (Order of Conditions), the applicant, any abutter or a citizen group has 10 days to appeal the decision to MassDEP and the District Court.
  7. Reminders
    • Approved work must be completed within 3 years.
    • Any changes to the approved plan must be reviewed by the Commission prior to undertaking the changes.
    • Applicant/owner must comply with all conditions attached to the decision.
    • Check with Building, Planning, Zoning and Health Departments as they may also require permits for proposed work.