Community Preservation Committee

Community Preservation Committee Members

  • Kathleen Healy Chair - At Large
  • Marilyn Frank Vice-Chair - Conservation Commission
  • Robert Price - At Large
  • Robert Jefferies - At Large
  • Diane Holmes - Housing Authority
  • Chris MacMillian - At Large
  • Dylan O'Connor - Planning Board
  • Chris Barrett - Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Robert Stafford - Historic Commission

The FY23 Application cycle has ended.  Please join us at Annual Town Meeting on March 25, 2023.

The Community Preservation Committee only meets in the fall for urgent or time sensitive applications that must be presented at October Special Town Meeting.  The Annual Town Meeting Application cycle kicks off in December with the Needs Assessment Hearing and continues on Tuesday nights in January and February with application hearings.  We look forward to hearing from you in FY24!

Please email any questions to CPC Administrator(s) Jesse Beyer at or Jeremy Healy ( or call 978-399-2905.