Related Boards & Departments

  1. Cemetery Commission

    The mission of the Cemetery Department is to operate, maintain, and preserve Westford's 6 public cemeteries; Fairview, Hillside, Pine Grove, Westlawn, Wright, and Pioneer Burial Ground.

  2. Engineering Department

    The Engineering Department is committed to working with other departments to discover and identify infrastructure deficiencies that cause hardship, inconvenience or expense to the Town of Westford and its inhabitants, and will provide effective solutions that resolve or preclude those deficiencies.

  3. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    The mission of the Town of Westford GIS Department is to promote, and develop a geographic information system resource for local decision makers and the general public.

  1. Recreation

    The mission of the Recreation Department is to ensure the smooth, efficient operation, management and administration of the overall workings of the department.

  2. Trash & Recycling

    Better understand the work concerning trash and recycling collection in Westford.

  3. Water Department

    Better understand the work of the Water Department and what they do for Westford.