Sales of Lots, Burial Rights and Services

Cemetery lots are available for purchase at Pine Grove, Hillside and Wright cemeteries. Please contact the Cemetery Department to schedule an appointment to view available gravesites and for information on costs and the funeral process.

Should you need a blank INTERMENT ORDER form, please click here.  Westford Cemetery Department requires that an Interment Order be signed before any burial can take place.

Should you need a blank MONUMENT PERMIT APPLICATION, please click here.  To place a headstone on an owned lot, a monument company will use this form for your request (they will have this form, or get it, you don't have to bring it). A lot owner can work with any monument company they wish. The Cemetery Supervisor must approve the permit application sent in by the monument company before the work is completed. There is a $20 fee required to be paid either to the monument company (which will give to the Cemetery Dept with the permit application) or paid directly to us, in a check made out to the Town of Westford.

For an Info Sheet on purchasing and caring for headstones (monuments), flat markers and veterans markers, please click here.

For an application for a Veterans Marker, please click here. Veterans markers cannot be requested until after the death of a veteran. Markers are free from the US government for honorably discharged veterans and installed free by the Cemetery Department. [Note: Veterans who served after 1980 must have had 24 months of active duty to qualify; veterans with the National Guard or Reserves must have served a minimum of 20 years.] To obtain a marker proof of honorable discharge is required; should you need to request military discharge papers (DD214 forms) please click here. Should you require assistance filling out the forms, please contact the Cemetery Department or the Veterans Services Department.

For a printable, PDF document of the PRICE SHEET below, please click here.

All Westford cemeteries are Perpetual Care cemeteries, which means 60% of the burial fee is set aside in a fund that ensures the maintenance of the gravesite in perpetuity.

Burial Lots With Monument Privileges

One Grave Lot
Two Grave Lot
Three Grave Lots
Four Grave Lots
Non-resident fee, per grave

Burial Lots Without Monument Privileges
One Grave Lot
Two Grave Lots
Baby Section Lot
(less than 2 years of age)

Urn Garden Lots
(up to four cremations)

Non-Resident fee, per grave

Columbarium (One Niche)

Tier One (top two levels)

Tier Two (middle two levels)

Tier Three (bottom two levels)

Non-resident fee, per niche


A columbarium is a structure at Pine Grove Cemetery that holds cremation urns, up to two urns per niche. Each side of the six-sided structure is two niches wide and six niches high (12 per side).

Opening Fees
(to open and prepare a gravesite)

Full burial for an adult (casket)

Burial for a child (less than 10 years of age)

Burial for a stillborn infant

Columbarium opening (urn column)

Burial for cremated remains

Burial for cremated remains (for a person 10 years of age or less)

Delivery an urn/cremated remains later interred by the Cemetery Department

Disinterment (to relocate interred remains)

          Full burial (casket)

          Cremated remains

Additional Fees

Saturday Burials
Evening Burials (after 3pm)
Monument Permit Fee (to allow the setting of a gravestone)
Burials on Sundays and holidays are not permitted.