Compost Site

Where to Site Your Compost

The right location is important for a successful compost pile. Choose a level area with good drainage. Standing water will slow down the pile. A spot that receives a half day of sun is ideal. Some trees may send up roots into the pile in search of water and nutrients, and when the pile is turned these roots may be damaged. If your only location is near trees, consider setting bricks or a sheet of linoleum flooring under the pile. A sheet of untreated scrap wood could work, but would eventually need replacing as it breaks down from contact with the soil.

Select a convenient location that is easy to get to from your kitchen, close to a water source, and away from dog or animal areas where urine and feces may harbor unwanted pathogens. Don't place the pile directly against wooden buildings, fences or trees, because wood in contact with compost will decay. Avoid placing under a wide overhang that would limit rainfall, or under a drippy eave or rainspout that would over saturate your pile.

If you want to camouflage your compost pile, try using tall flowers, plants, or a vine trellis to blend into your surroundings.