Induction Cooking

What is Induction Cooking?

Induction cooking uses electricity to generate a magnetic field that produces heat by traveling between a ceramic plate and conductive cookware. 

Why make the switch?

Safety - surfaces are hot only when in use (cool immediately), cleaner indoor air , no potential gas leaks

Fossil Fuel and Carbon reduction

Federal and State Incentives/Rebates defray your cost


The Mass Clean Energy Center has answers to many of your questions, like:

      - what types of induction ovens available

      - how much you can save with current rebates and incentives

        - info on what cooking with induction is like.  

Chefs love induction because it allows for precise temperature control without the dangers of hot burners and easy clean up.

You may also want to visit Rewire America's calculator to see what your federal savings should be.  Note the Mass Save rebate program is only open to customers who are electrifying (moving from fossil fuels to electricity).  If you already own an electric stove, you do not qualify for the state rebate.

Forbes also offers this 2023 buying guide.

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