Police Department


53 Main Street
Westford, MA 01886




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Tip Line: 978-399-2072
Rape Crisis Line: 978-399-2998
Alternate Number: 978-399-2345

Command Staff 

Name Title Email Phone
Chambers, Mark Chief of Police Email  978-392-2345
Paulauskas, Ronald Deputy Chief 978-399-2345
Pick, Donald Captain of Operations 978-399-2345
Peloquin, James Captain, Administrative, Project Life Saver 978-399-2345
Ricard, Christopher Lieutenant 978-399-2022
Gendron, Brian Lieutenant 978-399-2345
Breault, Michael Lieutenant 978-399-2010
Holmes, Brandon Lieutenant 978-399-2345

Criminal Investigation Division 
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Name Title Email Phone
Ricard, Christopher Detective Lieutenant, Criminal Bureau Operations 978-399-2345
Hughes, Timothy Detective Sgt. 978-399-2345
Eracleo, Joseph Detective, School Resource Officer - Nashoba Tech 978-692-2161
Furlong, Matthew Detective, Sex Offender Information 978-692-2161
Musick, Christopher Detective 978-692-2161
Nicoletti, Nirisa Detective, Domestic Violence Officer 978-692-2161
Peladeau, Corey Detective, K-9 Officer 978-692-2161
Rogers, Dennis Detective Sergeant 978-692-2161
Bernadin, Anthony Detective, Detective, School Resource Officer - WA 9783992012
Belinsky, Justin Detective 978-399-2345

Patrol Division 
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Name Title Email Phone
Proia, Marc Sergeant 978-399-2345
Keins, Steven Sergeant 978-399-2345
Marchand, Gregory Sergeant, Prosecutor, Traffic Division Operations 978-692-2161
O'Donnell, Daniel Sergeant 978-399-2345
O'Hearn, David Sergeant 978-399-2345
Pavao, Geoffrey Sergeant 978-392-2345
Annese, Nicholas Patrolman 9783992345
Antonelli, James Patrolman 978-399-2345
Barck, Micheal Patrolman 978-399-2345
Bettencourt, David Patrolman 978-692-2161
Bunyon, Matthew Patrolman 978-399-2345
Burns, Gregory Patrolman 978-692-2161
Chenell, Joseph Patrolman 978-399-2345
Connell, Kristen Patrolman  
Fitzgerald, Brett Patrolman 9783992049
Hartley, Derek Patrolman 978-399-2345
Haslam, Jon-Allen Patrolman 978-692-2161
Jansen, Timothy Patrolman 978-692-2161
Keins, Trevor Patrolman 978-399-2345
Larkham, Tim Patrolman 978-692-2161
Lincoln, John Patrolman 978-399-2345
Mariano, Nicholas Patrolman 9783992497
McEnaney, Ian Patrolman 978-692-2161
Musto, Robert Patrolman 978-692-2161
Sampson, Trevor Patrolman 9783992884
Selfridge, Paul Patrolman 978-692-2161
Silton, David Patrolman 978-692-2161

Administrative Support 

Westford, MA 01886

Westford, MA 01886


Name Title Email Phone
Devine, Marcy Office Manager 978-399-2028
Wright, Michelle Records Supervisor 978-399-2026
Targ, Tricia Administrative Assistant 978-399-2025
Shepherd, Douglas Maintenance 978-399-2861