Healthy Westford Committee


To support the community members of Westford in improving their personal health and safety and that of their households, public spaces, and ecosystems.


The Healthy Community Committee works with a combination of town departments, boards and committees to investigate ways to promote Westford as a healthy community through policies, programs, and infrastructure planning. 

Committee Partners

Organizations that have been identified as potential partners to the committee:

  1. Walking / Active Community
  2. Healthy Eating
  3. Healthy Environment

The Healthy Westford Committee is working to help members of the Westford community to participate in healthy activities, such as walking. Our Westford Walks initiative is a visionary strategic plan to develop and improve our walkways. The Core Westford Walkway is an initiative to develop a walkway that will extend the entire length of Westford – from the northern to the southern border. See the links below for additional information.     

Even as these plans are being implemented, Westford already has numerous trails and sidewalks that Westford community can use – as shown on the town GIS map. Just click on the link and follow the directions below to see the town’s sidewalks and trails.  

An Introduction to Westford Walks

Westford GIS Map                                                                                                                                Use “Pedestrian” layer to see sidewalks and “OpenStreetMap” base map to see trails

The Core Westford Walkway Initiative

Bike Racks Around Westford Project


Name Email  Position
William Harman Chair 
Katherine Russell Council on Aging Representative 
Rae Dick Health Department Representative 
Don Galya Pedestrian Safety Committee Representative 
Sean Kelly School Committee Representative