Green Community Information

Westford was designated as a Green Community by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources on December 18, 2013.

Green Communities Overview

The Board of Selectmen voted on July 23, 2013, to support the Energy Committee recommendation to pursue a Green Community designation through the DOER program. The 5 criterion listed below have to be met for the designation application which is due on October 30. This site will be updated frequently leading up to Town Meeting.

Criterion 1: As-of Right Zoning

Criterion 2: Expedited Permitting
Criterion 3: Energy Reduction Plan
Criterion 4: Fuel Efficient Vehicle Policy
All vehicles purchased are required to have a combined city and highway miles per gallon (MPG) no less than the following:
  • 2 wheel drive car: 29 MPG
  • 4 wheel drive car: 24 MPG
  • 2 wheel drive minivan 20 MPG
  • 4 wheel drive minivan 18 MPG
  • 2 wheel drive pick-up truck: 17 MPG
  • 4 wheel drive pick-up truck: 16 MPG
  • 2 wheel drive sport utility vehicle: 21 MPG
  • 4 wheel drive sport utility vehicle: 18 MPG
Criterion 5: Stretch Code
The 5th criterion requires the town to adopt the stretch code as a general bylaw through a Town Meeting vote. The purpose of adopting the stretch code is to require builders to incorporate more energy efficiency measures into construction projects.

Green Community and Stretch Code Public Forum

DOER provides answers to frequently asked questions about the stretch code, learn more and view the Stretch Appendix to the Building Energy Code in Massachusetts (PDF).

Stretch Code

The stretch code is an optional appendix to the Massachusetts building energy code that allows cities and towns to choose a more energy efficient option. This option increases the efficiency requirements for all new residential and many new commercial buildings, as well as for those residential additions and renovations that would normally trigger building code requirements.