12 North Main Street Project

Task Force Disbanded

In September 2021 the Select Board disbanded the 12 North Main Street Task Force.

Task Force Charge

This task force will evaluate potential reuse scenarios for the property located at 12 North Main Street which contains an abandoned mill building that was formerly part of the Abbot Worsted Company, and more recently is known as "Westford Anodizing." We are considering foreclosing on the property for non-payment of taxes which will result in the town taking ownership. We are currently working with a Licensed Site Professional (LSP) to determine the scope and extent of environmental remediation that will be required for any future use of the property. The task force's primary goal will be to evaluate the potential options and make a recommendation to the town for plans that would benefit the community. The property owner of 10 North Main Street is currently working on a redevelopment plan and any future use of his site will likely impact the Westford Anodizing property. It is anticipated that the task force will work closely with the owner of 10 North Main Street to collaborate as much as possible regarding future plans for these adjacent properties.