Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

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The Westford Fire Department operates one of the oldest running Ambulance Services in the Greater Lowell area. Westford Fire purchased its first Ambulance in 1947 and put the new 1947 Cadillac in service at Fire Headquarters on March 9, 1947. The Ambulances were paid for through donations from the 4H Club. The Westford Ambulance Fund was formed as a way to raise funds to purchase updated equipment and Ambulances in the future. Over the years the fund has seen a decrease in donations where they can no longer afford to buy ambulances, however the fund still accepts donations to offset the cost of equipment.
EMS Ambulance, Vintage Photo of Personnel, and EMT Patches
Westford Fire Department operates 3 Class 1 - Type 3 Ambulances for Emergency Medical Care in Westford.

Ambulance Equipment

  • Ambulance 10
  • Ambulance 11 (Res.)
  • Ambulance 12
Ambulances are staffed by Firefighter/EMTs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and also our EMT-Paramedics (Advanced Life Support).
Ambulance Approaches the Scene of an Accident

Advanced Life Support

Westford Fire is always looking for ways to provide the best Medical care to our residents and visitors. Since 1947, Firefighters and EMT's have worked hard improving their skills with new technology and education. Under the direction of the Fire Chief and Medical Director, the Fire Department now provides an even higher level of patient care, through Advanced Life Support. This provides our residents with advanced Medical, Cardiac, Respiratory, Trauma and other critical emergency care, normally started in an Emergency Room, much faster and has saved many lives. Cardiac Monitoring, including 12 Lead EKGs, Defibrillator/Pacer, IVs, and Meds, are just a few of the things used to accomplish this.
EMS Technicians Care for a Patient in the Ambulance