• Left Side Looking Toward New Addition
  • First Floor
  • New Door
  • First Floor - Doorway and New Paint Color
  • Window of Original Bathroom
  • Floor in Original Bathroom
  • First Floor Looking at the Back Part
  • First Floor Looking Through Doorway
  • New Addition Looking Toward Kitchen Area
  • First Floor - New Addition Looking Toward Back Lef
  • First Floor and Tools
  • First Floor Looking Toward Kitchen
  • First Floor - New Addition Looking Toward Front Si
  • First Floor - Addition Looking Toward Left Front S
  • Left Front Stairs
  • Second Floor Hallway
  • Second Floor Right Side
  • Second Floor - Looking at the Back of the Building
  • Ladder to Attic
  • Second Floor - New Addition
  • Second Floor Looking Toward Back Right Side
  • Second Floor - Left Side
  • Second Floor - Insulation
  • Second Floor Right Side Looking Toward Left Side
  • Looking Out Back Through the Porch Door
  • Back Porch
  • Second Floor Right Looking Toward Front
  • New Stairwell Insulation
  • Looking Back Toward New Addition on Right Side
  • Back and Deck

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