• Front of Building
  • Front Left
  • Front Left Looking Towards Back
  • Wainscoting Around Windows
  • Wainscoting
  • New Bathroom Near New Multipurpose Room
  • First Floor Looking Toward New Multipurpose Room
  • New Kitchen
  • Looking Through New Kitchen Window Opening
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • New Multipurpose Room on First Floor
  • Stairway to Second Floor
  • Open View of Basement
  • Basement with Beams
  • Floor of New Porch
  • View From Porch
  • View of Parking Lot From Porch
  • Fitness Room
  • Second Floor From Back Toward Front
  • Yellow Wall
  • Orange Wall and Window
  • Looking Out to New Porch from Fitness Room
  • Green Wall and Window
  • Heater
  • Ceiling
  • Second Floor Looking Toward Back

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