How do I connect to Town Water (single family house)?
The first step is to call the Water Department. We need to check the system maps to determine if your property has frontage to a water main for connection. If there is an existing water main, an applicant needs to fill out an application and hire an excavating contractor. The Water Department is not allowed to recommend a contractor, but there are several listed in the local phone book.

It is the responsibility of your contractor to excavate the trench from the connection point to the foundation wall. It is necessary to give the Water Department several days notice prior to commencing the work in order to give your contractor the time to coordinate with our foremen. The Water Department will supply the materials and labor to connect your service line to the water supply, bring it into your home, and set your water meter.

The home owner will need a plumber to do two things: connect the home plumbing to the water meter and disconnect the well. The well can be set up for landscape watering, but it is not allowed to remain connected to the domestic system. The excavation contractor is responsible for back filling the trench and any necessary loaming and seeding.

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