How is my water bill determined (residential)?
Westford has a 3-Step water rate system based on volume of water used, and water is billed in increments of 100 cubic feet (ft3) on a quarterly basis. The first step rate is applied to 1 - 2,500 feet3, the second step rate is applied to the next 2,501 - 10,000 feet3, and the third step rate is applied to greater than 10,000 feet3. So, if 4,500 feet3 of water are used for 1 quarter then 2,500 feet are billed at the first step, and the next 2,000 feet3 are billed at the second step:
2,500 feet3 x $4.19/100 feet3 = $104.75
2,000 feet3 x $5.60/100 feet3 = $112
$104.75 + $112 = $216.75
Additionally, there is a quarterly service charge that is applied (in order to cover the cost of maintaining the account) of $16.28. The total bill for the quarter is:
$216.75 + $16.28 = $233.03

Refer to the current water rates posted on the Water Department website for rates for each step. This step billing method is used in order to comply with MassDEP requirements, and encourage water conservation.

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