Why is my water discolored?
Normally your water should appear clear. However, sometimes there may be coloration to the water, and this can be caused by a few things:
- The water is brown or orange. This is probably iron related, and you may need to drain your hot water heater - or your pipes may need to be flushed. Rusty-colored water is commonly seen after a main break or when hydrants are being flushed, and the water should return to normal shortly after the break is repaired or the flushing stops. The Westford Water Department will post a hydrant flushing notice in the local newspaper and on its website. Notice of a main break will also be posted on the Water Department website.
- A milky appearance to the water may indicate air in the lines and should dissipate with time. To test - collect some water from your tap in a clear glass and let sit for a few minutes. The water should become clear from the bottom up as the tiny air bubbles (which creates the milky appearance) rise to the surface.
- There are black specs in the water - this is probably manganese, and may indicate a need to flush the service line.
- Yellow water requires investigation as the cause of this is varied.

If you ever have questions about your water quality you should contact the Water Department Environmental Compliance Manager at 978-399-2457.

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