Why can’t I get a free toter?

Several years ago, the recycling vendor initially provided free toters to Westford residents until they realized that the cost of providing toters to everyone in town would be prohibitive. These 64 gallon toters with yellow lids belong to the Town of Westford, not the homeowner, and are linked to the address they were delivered to. The Town of Westford did not pay for the toters.

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1. Do I have to put out a recycling container on the trash only week to have my trash collected?
2. Are we eliminating a week of trash removal (going to every other week for trash) and adding a week of recycling removal (having weekly collection of recyclables)?
3. Is someone inspecting my trash? What if I include a single item of recycling in my trash by mistake?
4. Is there anyway to stay connected with the Westford Recycling Commission?
5. I find it too difficult/dangerous to get to the curb in severe weather so I stockpile my recycling for good weather days, is this an issue?
6. Why can’t I get a free toter?
7. How can I get a toter?
8. What about my shared driveway/Condo? How do they know if it was me who skipped recycling or my neighbor?
9. If I am away, then I won’t have recycling. Is that alright?