What can I recycle?

All paper, cardboard, cans, bottles, and plastic with a recycling symbol (not Styrofoam). No need to sort. The Westford Recycling Guide is updated annually and mailed to every resident by June 30. It includes basic recycling information, the Curbside Collection Calendar with exceptions for holidays, Special Collection Events, What to Recycle, and contacts. Also check recyclesmartma.org.  View the Westford

Recycling Guide (PDF).

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1. Where can I find information on recycling in Westford?
2. What if I have a general recycling question?
3. What kind of recycling container can I use?
4. Can I put my recyclables in plastic bags for collection?
5. What can I recycle?
6. What about other stuff for reuse or recycling that is not picked up in recycling containers?
7. What if I want to compost?
8. Why is it important to reduce, reuse, and recycle in Westford?