Is there any place where I can recycle my plastic bags?

Plastic bags cannot be recycled at curbside because they get caught in the conveyor belt at the recycler processing and sorting facility. Many of the larger grocery store chains accept bags for recycling, such as Whole Foods, Stop and Shop, Hannafords, Star Market, Shaw's, Roche Brothers, Market Basket. In addition to shopping bags, these stores accept other plastic bags, such as clean, dry produce bags, bread bags, sandwich bags, and more. Better than recycling bags, of course, is reusing bags or using reusable Cloth shopping bags. It is notoriously difficult, even for those with the best of intentions, to remember to bring reusable bags on a shopping trip. Here are some tips to help you remember: - Write on your shopping list "remember to bring bags." - Hang cloth bags on your kitchen door. - Use a cloth bag to hold deposit bottles and cans, that way you will have at least 1 cloth bag with you when you get to the store. - Tape a reminder on your dashboard. - Don't get discouraged when you keep forgetting your bags. Keep trying.

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1. Is there any place where I can recycle my plastic bags?
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