Hydrant Flushing Schedule

2019 Spring Hydrant Flushing Schedule
Friday 3/29/2019:    Starting at 60 Forge Village Road heading towards Town Center

Monday 4/1/2019:     Continuing on Forge Village Road heading towards Town Center
Tuesday 4/2/2019:    Continuing on Forge Village Road towards Town Center to Graniteville Road, Randolph Circle, Patriot Lane, Pine Ridge, Kylemore, Boutwell, Bayberry                 
Wednesday 4/3/2019:  Cold Spring, Graniteville, Blanchard Farms, Town Center:  Hildreth Street, Boston Road    
Thursday 4/4/2019:  NO FLUSHING TODAY!
Friday 4/5/2019:     NO FLUSHING TODAY!

Monday 4/8/2019:  Boston Road
Tuesday 4/9/2019:  Providence Road (starting at Main and heading towards Boston Road, Boston Road), Bixby, Ledgewood, Hyacinth, Cold Spring to Graniteville, Graniteville, Crusade, Crown, Drawbridge, Palace, Jester and Court Roads
Wednesday 4/10/2019:  Providence Road area (Providence Road, Jester, Palace, Lawton, Drawbridge, Drew Crossing, etc.)
Thursday 4/11/2019:  King's Pine, Crown Road, Cold Spring, Hyacinth, Joyce
Friday 4/12/2019:  NO FLUSHING TODAY!

Monday 4/15/2019:  NO FLUSHING TODAY!
Tuesday 4/16/2019:  Longmeadow, Cold Spring, Homestead, Crown
Wednesday 4/17/2019:  NO FLUSHING TODAY!
Thursday 4/18/2019:  Town Center area (Depot Road, Sawmill, Woolsack, Beaverdam, Cummings, Crest, Heywood, Brookview, Fletcher, Blackthorn) 
Friday 4/19/2019:  NO FLUSHING TODAY!

Monday 4/22/2019:  Graniteville Neighborhood, North Main Street, Daniel Drive, West Street, Castle, Court, Crown, Drawbridge, and area
Tuesday 4/23/2019:  NO FLUSHING TODAY!
Wednesday 4/24/2019:  West Street, Stoneview, North Main Street 
Thursday 4/25/2019:  1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Streets, Maple, Broadway, River Street, Cold Spring, Fletcher, areas towards Lowell Road and Strawberry Lane 
Friday 4/26/2019:  NO FLUSHING TODAY!                   
Saturday 4/27/2019:  Almeria, Depot, Stonybrook, Dean Sherwood, Plain    

Monday 4/29/2019:  NO FLUSHING TODAY!    
Tuesday 4/30/2019:  NO FLUSHING TODAY!
Wednesday 5/1/2019:  NO FLUSHING TODAY!       
Thursday 5/2/2019:  NO FLUSHING TODAY!   
Friday 5/3/2019:  NO FLUSHING TODAY - SPRING FLUSHING COMPLETED (see note below)

Note:  The Spring 2019 hydrant flushing program is completed.    However, additional localized hydrant flushing may be performed in the Pierce, Sawmill, Fletcher, Brookview, Bearverdam areas later this spring.    
Please note:  Nearby streets not listed on the flushing schedule may also be affected by flushing.  That is, If your house is close to a street being flushed you may also experience discolored water (even though your street is not being flushed).   Schedule subject to change..