Hydrant Flushing Schedule

2019 Fall Hydrant Flushing Schedule
Wednesday 10/7/2019:    Flushing has been delayed in order to repair a customer service leak (no flushing today)
Thursday 10/8/2019:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Friday 10/9/2019: NO FLUSHING TODAY
Monday 10/14/2019:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Tuesday 10/15/2019:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Wednesday 10/16/2019:  Greystone Estates (Russells Way etc.)
Thursday 10/17/2019: Greystone Estates (Russells Way, etc.)
Friday 10/18/2019:  TBD

NOTE:  Several construction projects have delayed the start of our flushing program.  We hope to start any day.                       
Please note:  Nearby streets not listed on the flushing schedule may also be affected by flushing.  That is, If your house is close to a street being flushed you may also experience discolored water (even though your street is not being flushed).   Schedule subject to change..