Hydrant Flushing Schedule

2020 Fall Hydrant Flushing Schedule

Wednesday 9/23/2020: Nabnasset neighborhood  (Newport Drive); Forge Village (Country Road towards Concord Road)
Thursday 9/24/2020:  Nabnasset neighborhood (Endmoor Road); Concord Road towards Route 110. 
Friday 9/25/2020: Western Nabnasset neighborhood (Salem, Beech, Newport, Sycamore, Willow), Buckingham, Windsor, Lanes End, April, May

Monday 9/28/2020:  Concord Road area, Rooks Way, Conservation Way
Tuesday 9/29/2020:  Concord Road area, Conservation Way, Robinson Road, Hutchins Way
 Wednesday 9/30/2020: April Lane, May Road, Lanes End, Crisafulli and Robinson Schools
Thursday 10/1/2020: Elm Road, True Bean Way, Cutter Lane, Butterfield Lane, Southwick Circle, Humiston Circle
Friday 10/2/2020: Elm Road, Howard Road and the Hitchin' Post Greens

Monday 10/5/2020:   Nabnasset - Lakeshore Drive South, York Avenue
Tuesday 10/6/2020:  Nabnasset - York Ave
Wednesday 10/7/2020:  Nabnasset - Hawthorne, Myrtle Ave,  Beaverbrook Estates
Thursday 10/8/2020:  Nabnasset Street, Beaverbrook Estates, Crisafulli School                                                                                                             Friday 10/9/2020: Hitchin' Post Greens, Grove Street, Tower Road, Jonas Road

Monday 10/12/2020:  NO FLUSHING
Tuesday 10/13/2020:  NO FLUSHING
Wednesday 10/14/2020:  NO FLUSHING
Thursday 10/15/2020:  Forge Village area, Russells Way (Greystone)
Friday 10/16/2020:  Russells Way

Monday 10/19/2020:  Hitchin Post, Chrisafulli School
Tuesday 10/20/2020:  Russells Way
Wednesday 10/21/2020:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Friday:  Hitchin Post, Chrisafulli and Robinson Schools

Monday 10/26/2020:  Hitchin Post, Crisafulli, Robinson schools, Forge Village towards Groton line
Tuesday 10/27/2020:  Route 110, Forge Village
Wednesday 10/28/2020:  NO FLUSHING TODAY  
Thursday 10/29/2020: NO FLUSHING TODAY
Friday 10/30/2020:  NO FLUSHING TODAY

Monday 11/2/2020:  Route 110, Forge Village
Tuesday 11/3/2020:  Route 110 and Forge Village
Wednesday 11/4/2020:  Route 110 and Forge Village
Thursday 11/5/2020:  Forge Village
Friday 11/6/2020:  Route 110 towards Princeton Village

Monday 11/9/2020:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Tuesday 11/10/2020:  Forge Village (Elm Street and area)
Wednesday 11/11/2020:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Thursday 11/12/2020:  FLUSHING PROGRAM ENDED FOR 2020

Other neighorhoods scheduled for flushing include Graniteville and Forge Village

Please note:  Nearby streets not listed on the flushing schedule may also be affected by flushing.  That is, If your house is close to a street being flushed you may also experience discolored water (even though your street is not being flushed).   Schedule subject to change..