Recycling Bins & Toters

Acceptable Containers for Recycling in Westford

The following are 3 acceptable containers for recycling:
  1. Use the Black and Yellow Toter Provided by The Town

    • Some households were given 64 gallon wheeled containers by the Town's recycling contractor in the past. This program has ended and there are no more free toters. Use the black and yellow toter(s) for recyclables only.
    • Note: these toters belong to the Town of Westford, not the homeowner, so if you move, the toters stay with the house.
  2. Buy your own 64 Gallon Toter

    • Residents can buy their own toter. These toters are made by the same company that manufactures the yellow/black ones distributed by the Town, the only difference being the color, and, you will own yours forever. Toters are in stock. When your check is received, you will receive a call about when and where to pick up your toter(s). Mail a check payable to the "Westford Recycling Commission" to:
      • Westford Recycling Commission
        55 Main Street
        Westford 01886
      • The current price of a toter is $55. You may also bring your check to the Town Clerk's office at the Westford Town Hall. Please include your name, address and phone number.
      • Note: this is an elective alternative and no resident is under any obligation to purchase a toter.
  3. Use a Trash Barrel

    • Residents can use any sturdy trash barrel for recycling if they follow a few simple steps:
      • A recycling sticker needs to be placed on the barrel. Stickers are free and can be obtained at the Town Clerk's office. Affix the sticker to the upper part of the barrel and ensure it faces the street when you place it out for collection. To extend the life of the sticker and ensure it remains affixed to the barrel, the WRC recommends taking the extra precaution of securing the label with clear packing tape.
      • All current Westford recycling regulations and guidelines apply; please refer to your Westford Recycling Guide (PDF).
      • Barrels must be 40 gallons or less and of good quality (such as Rubbermaid® brand).
      • Barrels may be wheeled or non-wheeled. Be mindful of the amount of weight in the barrel (should not exceed 50 pounds) as the recycling crew will need to dump most barrels by hand.
      • Please place recyclables apart from your trash at curbside to help the vendor distinguish recyclables from trash and vice versa.
      • The recycling vendor may leave barrels un-emptied if the barrels are too heavy or mixed with solid waste, broken glass, and more.
      • The recycling vendor is not responsible for any damage to these barrels