East Boston Camps Advisory Board

East Boston Camps was acquired by the Town of Westford on March 31, 2005 after a unanimous vote at a February 7, 2005, Special Town Meeting. The East Boston Camps Master Plan (PDF) calls for the property to be open and accessible to all Westford residents; for the protection of the property's forest, wildlife, and water quality; and for the preservation of the feeling of serenity, peacefulness, and quiet of this open space.

The Westford Conservation Commission has been entrusted with the care and custody of the East Boston Camps property, and manages the use of the site.

East Boston Camps Campsites Available for Use

To help offset the costs of maintaining the East Boston Camps property, the camp areas are available for use after obtaining the required permit from the Conservation Commission. The Commission has developed a set of policies (PDF) and rates (PDF) governing the use of the camp areas.

You can download the License Application (PDF), as well as a license agreement for individuals and small groups or for large groups (PDF). Inquire about obtaining a permit for use of the camp areas.

Map of Camp Buildings

Map of East Boston Camps Buildings

Support East Boston Camps

Are you interested in helping to preserve and maintain the East Boston Camps property? Consider joining the Westford Friends of East Boston Camps organization. The Friends are a group of interested and engaged supporters of the Camps, organized to coordinate volunteer and fund-raising efforts to support the Camps. Please visit the Westford Friends of EBC website to learn more about and/or join the Friends organization.

Camp Trails Marked

Thanks to the efforts of Eagle Scout Michael Johnson, the major walking trails through East Boston Camps have been marked with blazes.

Map of Trails

East Boston Camps Trails Map

Map of Trails

Map of East Boston Camps Trails