Westford's Community Gardens

About the Community Gardens

In June, 2014, the Agricultural Commission led a session at the Town's Strategic Planning Retreat to receive feedback regarding priorities. One clear priority was to establish community gardens in town. Working with the Conservation Commission, 1 acre of land at the Day Field on Graniteville Road was designated for community gardens. Improvements to the land to support the garden were financed with CPC funds, approved at the March 28, 2015, Town Meeting with widespread support from residents, boards, and commissions.  These improvements include safety enhancements to the entrance, a shed for storage, deer fencing, and tanks to hold water. The garden opened on May 15, 2015. 

Since then, the garden has expanded to 1.7 acres.  Also a well has been accessed for ground water and there are taps for water throughout the gardens.  

Established in 2015, Westford Community Gardens has cultivated as much community as it has vegetables. Beautifully situated on an expanded 1.7 acres of land, the Gardens have grown to accommodate over 150 local gardeners.  Westford Community Gardens not only offer residents and neighbors space to get their hands dirty and retreat to the outdoors, they also host regular community garden events and team working days. Whether you’re a longtime gardener or just starting out -- a family or an individual -- Westford Community Gardens is
for you!

Benefits of joining the Gardens
  • Learn from all other gardeners
  • Organic produce grown by you and fellow gardeners
  • Fencing to keep deer out of your produce
  • Running water at the garden
  • Active online community for questions and sharing
  • Children encouraged to join their families
  • Cultural exchange
  • Opportunities to participate in leadership positions
  • Promotes healthy eating and exercise
  • Storage shed
  • Donate excess produce to local food pantry
  • ...and so much more!
As a gardener, you will enjoy planting, watering, watching your organic plants grow, and picking your own tasty vegetables, fruits, herbs and beautiful flowers in a spectacular setting.

Note: the garden produce cannot be sold and is only to be picked by members.

Plot sizes and types available

There are various sized plots available: 
  • 15x15 feet
  • 15x30 feet
  • 30x30 feet (annual and perennial)
  • 30x45 feet (perennial only)
Annual plots are a yearly commitment, where at the end of the season, the plots must be fully cleared out. 

Perennial plots are a longer term commitment which can be retained if all requirements for garden community are met.  Certain perennial plants may be left to come back year after year. 

Finding the Gardens
Westford Community Gardens is located at the Day Field, 40 Graniteville Road, near the intersection of Graniteville and Cold Spring Roads. Westford Community Gardens are open to members only.

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Apply to join for Upcoming Summer Season

Join us! Registration for the upcoming summer season is now open.  Applications are being accepted and posted here.  Plots are available on a first come, first served basis.  The application process will close once all plots are filled or March 15th, whichever comes first.
If you have questions, please contact the Westford Community Gardens organizers at westford.community.gardens@gmail.com.

Resources & Information for Planning Your Garden

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