Westford Table Talks

Hosting a WASA Westford Table Talk Program

The Westford Table Talk's model was developed to provide parents with a comfortable opportunity to communicate openly with each other about underage drinking and how to prevent it. Each discussion is meant to be friendly and relaxed, held in a home or a similarly comfortable community setting.

While designed primarily for parents of 5th - 8th graders, these discussions are appropriate for parents with younger children as well as older teenagers. The Table Talk discussion questions and supporting materials are relevant to all parents who will, at some point, encounter tough questions about alcohol and their kids.

We locate a parent in town willing to invite 10 to 15 of their friends to their house for 2 nights. We usually have them 1 night per week for 2 consecutive weeks. Each meeting lasts 2 hours and is led by a professional facilitator. There is a short power point presentation to help lead the discussion. We provide snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.


The Goals of Westford Table Talks are:
  • Connect with other parents who care about underage drinking prevention
  • Get practical tips to use at home and share with other parents
  • Learn new information about underage drinking and how to prevent it
  • Share challenges and ideas for preventing underage drinking
Anyone interested in being a host should contact Ray Peachey, Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator Westford Board of Health.