Recycling Hints and Ideas

When China closed its market to imported plastic recyclables, this has had a cascading effect on the value of recyclables. Combined with the relatively underdeveloped U.S. recycling infrastructure, this has depressed demand for plastics recyclables increase the net cost of recycling for the Town of Westford.  Westford continues to offer single stream recycling as this is a better option than throwing stuff away but to keep our recycling costs in check, we need to be more selective in what we put in our recycling stream.  Best options is to first, reduce the amount of packaging and waste or second, to re-using or re-purposing materials.  Eventually, though, we need to find a recycling outlet --- for plastics items that have the #1 (soda bottles), #2 (milk jugs), or #5 (e.g clear egg crate) symbols also newspapers, paper, cardboard, metal cans, and so on, recycling is a great option.  But what about books, textiles, plastic bags, and others item that don't go into the recycling stream?  

The Westford Recycling Commission will be producing a number of videos to help residents assist in the Town's recycling program to lower our costs and keep stuff out or our landfills.

Recycling Books

The Recycling Commission began the book collection program in 2004/05 with a group called Hands Across The Water. The organization placed an overseas shipping container in the Water Department parking lot.  Ken Teal and Elizabeth Sawyer recently revisited the site and prepared the following video:

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Recycling Plastic Bags

The Recycling Commission is promoting an initiative by the Westford Rotary to collect plastic bags start April 10 through October 10.  In addition to the drop off locations at Market Basket and Donelan's (Acton and Littleton locations), the Westford Rotary Club is sponsoring four drop off locations across Westford (starting April 10):

  • Roudenbush Communicate Center: 65 Main Street (Side Door)
  • Brookside Convenience Store: Brookside Plaza, 64 Brookside Road - inside store
  • Cameron Senior Center: 20 Pleasant St. (Covered Front Porch Area)
  • Dollar Tree Store: Corner of Carlisle Road and Rt. 110 (Littleton Road) – inside store

Westford Recycling Commission volunteer and Town residents, Rubal Verma, presents a short video on plastic bag recycling (which CANNOT go into curbside recycling):

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