Electric Aggregation Program

Contract start date: January 1, 2021

Contract end date: December 31, 2023

Effective January 2021, the town’s new electric aggregation program will provide 4 options for residents and businesses to select from. The default rate for the entire town will be $0.10793, which will include 10% additional renewable energy above the state’s minimum requirements. The term "default rate" refers to the electric supply rate that all program participants will be placed in upon the start date of the contract. Residents and businesses will reserve the right to opt down to the base supply rate or to opt up to two increased levels of renewable energy. 

4 Supply Rate Options - Effective January 1, 2021

Base supply rate: $0.10470

10% additional renewable energy: $0.10793 (default rate for town)

50% additional renewable energy: $0.12083

100% additional renewable energy: $0.13695

Click HERE to sign up for the town's electric aggregation program.

Electric Aggregation Documents