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Town of Westford Massachusetts
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GIS Department
Geographic Information Systems
Contact TypeContact Information
GIS Coordinator
Westford Highway Facility
28 North Street
Westford, MA 01886
8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday -- Friday
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- Parcel Lookup click here Use this as a fast way to access multiple town databases.
  (GIS Parcel Map, View Assessor Cards,  Documents, and Permitting Information)

This GIS viewer provides access to Westford's GIS Layers and Data. By using this site, you will be able to do the following:
       View parcels, roads, street names, etc.
       Search by Parcel ID, address, or owner.
       View Assessors information about a selected parcel.
       Query parcels to find abutters by specified distances.
       Identify features and view information on those features.
       Print maps and data.

- NMCOG flyover images now available here
Mission Statement:
The mission of the Town of Westford GIS Department is to promote, and develop a geographic information system resource for local decision makers and the general public.  In pursuing its mission, the GIS must be designed to:
(a)     Provide user-friendly, public access to GIS data.
(b)     Provide robust user applications for town staff.
(c)     Improve efficiency in government by utilizing the common spatial elements that link the business processes of departments.
(d)     Maintain data in compliance with state and federal standards and compatible with other GIS in the region.
(e)     Continually improve applications and data and thriftily evolve with the advances in technology.
(f)     Protect sensitive information that needs to be secure for privacy or public safety reasons.

What is GIS?
A Geographic Information System (GIS)
is a software-based information management tool that Westford uses to help organize, maintain, and analyze geographic-based information.  GIS gives the Town ability to link geographic information to Town databases and use the data to make departments more efficient so that they can provide better customer service.  This "on-demand" access to geographically linked data improves decision making capabilities at all levels of government. (More info about GIS)

Have questions or comments about Westford GIS? Use the GIS feedback form.

GIS in Westford
Westford has been using GIS since 1999 and maintaining various datasets including parcels, buildings, roads, zoning, conservation areas, utility systems, and more.  GIS applications are installed in workstations in many departments in Town, such as Engineering, Water, Planning, Recreation, Town Clerk and Fire Department.  There is also a moblie version of GIS used in Town vehicles.  This mobile version displays landbase information overlayed with utility information and utilizes GPS navigation.  

In the spring of 2005, the Town contracted a flyover to take aerial photographs which provided high resolution orthophotos and a full set of landbase feature layers (also called planimetrics). To view some of the Towns data layers click below on the link to Westford's Online GIS Viewer.  In the Spring of 2007 the town contracted for an aerial photo update.  In the Winter of 2008 the town partnered with other towns in the region through NMCOG to purchase a regional aerial photograph which included oblique imagery such as what is seed in the "BirdsEye" view in BingMaps.

To request GIS maps or data please use the request forms page.

Current Projects

Master Address Database inventory

The goal of the project is to improve public safety by verifying and mapping every address in Town and create a centralized address database. One of the outcomes of this project will be an accurate inventory and a proper address for every building and vacant lot. The GIS Department is working with NMCOG and various public officials including fire and police department representatives. If your address is not appearing or for more information, email

Stormwater Drainage System Mapping Improvements
Using GPS and high resolution imagery we are updating the drainage maps to include every catch basin, pipe, culvert, outfall and drainage ditch.  We will also being collecting data to develop a catch basin cleaning schedule.

Click below to view 11"x17" tax maps.

[GASB 34 Reporting (General Accounting Standards Board, Statement 34)
Under GASB 34, capital assets related to infrastructure networks, such as public roadways and stormwater systems must be inventoried and valued.  The GIS department utilized the towns GIS data, supplemented by Engineering and Highway department records, to meet these new reporting standards.

Affordable Housing Land Study DHCD
As requested, the GIS Department used database queries and spatial analysis to calculate the total general land area for Westford and the total land area of 40B properties.  This analysis was performed using the criteria described in the [Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) document titled ‘Guidance for Interpreting 760 CMR 31.04(2) Computation of Statutory Minima pursuant to MGL c.40B General Land Area Minimum".

Conservation Overlay District
As part of the analysis for the DHCD affordable housing calculation the Conservation Overlay District had to be digitized by interpreting the legal references described in the zoning bylaws.

Impervious Surfaces Data
To support the Stormwater Action Committee project the GIS Department created an "impervious surfaces" layer. See [Stormwater Management for more info.

First Responder Maps
Created a comprehensive street list and map atlas showing every property in town and the closest fire hydrant and other essential public safety information.

Water Department Mobile GIS Application
Created a mapping application for water department vehicles that gives instant access to water department service cards.  The map is guided by GPS technology and allows the user to access the measurement for locating water services and shutoff valves with the click of a button.  The first phase of this project was to use the mapping application to replace the twelve, 3-ring binders that contained the service card information.  The second phase currently in progress will be to replace the water valve books.

Hazardous Materials Registration Database
This project was a collaborative effort involving the Board of Health (BOH) and a volunteer intern from Westford Academy.  The BOH requires property owners who store hazardous materials on site to register with the Town.  This registration declares to the Town and especially public safety officials that hazardous materials are on site and it allows them to prepare for emergencies.  Special thanks to Brian Sheridan, a volunteer from Westford Academy, for working on this project.


Pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 66, §10, the Town of Westford hereby produces the following information: GIS Data Information – Mapping System
In maintaining its GIS Data, the Town of Westford has made every effort to ensure the accuracy, currency and reliability of the content thereof however, errors can occur. It is expressly understood and agreed that in producing this information, the Town of Westford, its officials, agents, servants and employees does not warrant or guarantee the information it has provided, nor does it accept responsibility for any errors contained therein. In no event will the Town of Westford, its officials, agents, servants and employees be deemed or held obligated, liable, or accountable for any loss or damage incurred or resulting from the use of the information provided.

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