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Town of Westford Massachusetts
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GIS Website FAQs
Below are the frequently asked questions about the online GIS system.  Please use the GIS Feedback Form if you have any other questions.

Q. What mailing labels work with printing mailing labels?
A. Avery 5160

Q. Print mailing labels doesn't work.
A. Printing mailing labels is not compatable with Microsoft Windows Word 2010.
    You can generate a list. This will output the addresses into Excel. See

Q. How do I view a aerial photo of my house or property?
A.    - First you search for you property using the Search by Address, Search by Owner or other search functions.  
        - Then select "ZOOM TO PARCEL" to center the map on your property.  
        - Then you go to the Select a QuickMap... pulldown menu and select Parcels with 2005 Ortho.

Q. How do you use the toolbar at the bottom of the interactive map?
A. See table below....

Map Toolbar Help

ID Parcel
Gets database information for parcels on the map and displays the information within the data frame to the left.
Clear Selected Parcel Records
Clears the highlighted parcel within the map frame.
Zoom In
Magnifies an area on the map. To magnify an area, select the this icon, move the mouse cursor to a corner of the area you want to magnify. Click and hold down the left mouse button and drag a box around the area to be zoomed to.When you are satisfied with the location of the box, release the left mouse button. You may also use this tool to center and zoom to an area of interest by single clicking on the map.
Zoom Out
Displays a larger portion of the map. To Zoom-out, select the zoom-out icon, move the cursor over the point of interest, and click once with the left mouse button. You may also use this tool to click and drag a box to zoom-out to an area twice the size of your box.
Moves the map view in any direction. To pan, select this icon, then single click or click and drag on the map with the left mouse button. Release the mouse button to redraw the map at the new position.
Zoom to Previous Extent
Go back to the previous map view. Select this icon to go back to the previous map view.
Zoom To Full Extent
Zooms-out to the entire viewing area. Select this icon to reset the map viewing area.

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