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Town of Westford Massachusetts
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Scenic Roads

The Scenic Road bylaw was enacted in 1995. It was designed to highlight the historically inclined roads, and to protect the aesthetic value of the areas they go through in the town of Westford, MA. Some of the criteria for a Scenic Road includes historical landmarks, stone walls, wetlands, and bodies of water. The first Scenic Roads were designated in the same year of its enactment, with the most recent being in 2006.

Any cutting or removal of trees or alteration to a stone wall within the roadway right-of-way is required to receive a Scenic Road Permit from the Planning Board prior to completing the work.  Please review the complete Bylaw for further information, including penalties for violation.  

Current Scenic Roads

Chamberlain Road:

Designated in 2006. This road is considered to be one of the older roads in town, and is considered to be one of the older ways to get to the neighboring town of Chelmsford. It contains old stone walls, and it connects with both Frances Hill Road and Hunt Road. Old oak and orchard trees also line this road.

Frances Hill Road:

Designated in 2006. This road contains stone walls, historic houses, and a scenic mountain view, while being the shortest Scenic Road. It is lined with old and new rock walls, old fir trees, and several older houses. One of the oldest buildings on the road, and in the town, is the Soloman Keyes house, which was built in 1656. This road connects with Chamberlain Road and Hunt Road. It is considered to be one of the oldest roads in town.

Gould Road:

Designated in 2006. Site of Picking Gould farm. Horses and the farmland may be seen on the end connected to Route 40. The road is lined by rock walls, conservation land, and some trails. It is also in the area of an old school house, and is considered to have a ìcountry roadî feel.

Hildreth Street: (Present Scenic Road Sign located at end opposite the Common)

Designated in 1995. The road contains a monument at the end connected to the town common, and a portion of the road is part of the historical district at the common. The road is lined with old stone walls, and heavily wooded with some older trees. Wetlands, conservation land, and older houses may also be found along this road. There are multiple farmhouses along this road, and it is the location of the historic Salt Box Farm.

Hunt Road:

Designated in 2006. Portion of an older historic road, and cuts through Hill Orchard.  There are older houses, and lined old stone walls and old oak trees. This road contains a memorial to Gus and Lena Swanson, who worked land along the road. The memorial is visible in the center right of this roadís image. It also connects with Chamberlain Road and Frances Hill Road.

Leland Road:

Designated in 2006. Lined with several historic homes, and is part of the historical district emanating from the townís center. It is also lined by rock walls, old oak trees, streams and wetland. It leads to another older road, which is known as Providence Road.

Old Road: (Present Scenic Road Sign located on both ends of the road)

Designated in 1997. Wetlands, streams, and stone walls line the road. The road is also a highly scenic being lined by rock walls, conservation land, and historic houses. There are also bike tails, with a golf course lining one end. On April 19, 1775, a Westford resident, Lt. Col. John Robinson, marched along this road en rout to he North Bridge in Concord, MA, with the Myrant troups. He was accompanied by 130 Minute Men, and his name appears on a plaque near the North Bridge.

Old Lowell Road: (Present Scenic Road Sign located at South Chelmsford Road end)

Designated in 1995. It is one of the longest of Westfordís Scenic Roads. The road is lined by wetland, forest with older oak trees and farmland. There are also rock walls along the majority of this road. It connects with Vose Road.

Stony Brook Road:

Designated in 2006. It is one of the older roads in town. It is lined by stone walls, and runs partly next to Stony Brook before crossing it at the pictured stone bridge. The road crosses the brook with an old stone arch bridge. Historic Schoolhouse No. 2 also sits along this road.

Vose Road: (Present Scenic Road Sign located on South Chelmsford Road end)

Designated in 1997. This road connects with Old Lowell Road. It is lined by forested land, including older oak trees. It is also lined by old rock walls. The road has an old New England feel, which is almost trail-like, especially along the unpaved section. About one-third of this road is unpaved.

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